Author: Michelle Badman

Facilitating Business Process Improvement in a Virtual Setting

At Highlands, we have helped dozens of clients improve their business processes through facilitated meetings, in person. With stay-at-home orders, we knew we had to adapt to a fully digital setting. Here are three of our many lessons learned: Choose the platform wisely. There is…

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A Client-Focused Project Management Tool

Coordinating projects can be a challenge, even for seasoned professionals. During an engagement, you have competing deadlines, shifting priorities, client demands to meet, and a project team to coordinate. So how do you keep track of all that? You find a tool that works for…

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A Workflow Management Tool for Everyone: Kanban

Perhaps one of the things I love most about the consulting field is the ever-expanding, creative ways that project managers and teams look to increase communication and workflow efficiency. One of my favorite tools is Kanban. Developed in the late 1940s by Taiichi Ohno of…

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