Increased Productivity Through Vacation

Published by Jessica Clark

It’s taken me 15 years to take a vacation. Even when taking one or two days off, I’ve felt afraid to fully switch off my computer and cell. My work ethic and fear has kept me tethered to electronic devices. What if something happens? What if there is an emergency? How will I be seen by others? Will people think I’m not dedicated to my work and career?

This is pure ego talking.

This Forbes article explains the business and personal benefits of stepping away to refresh the mind and body. In her article “Why You Should Take More Time Off From Work”, Emma Seppälä, Ph.D encourages us to not wait. Breaks can be short (one or two days) or long (one or two weeks) as long as we are disconnected. Vacating our normal routine and changing our scenery offers new perspective, brings in creativity, and increases enthusiasm and productivity upon our return to work.

The moral of the story: turn on your out-of-office reply, clearly communicate your boundaries, and use your well-earned vacation days!