About Highlands Consulting’s Culture

Published by Mike Cappelluti

I think many aspects comprise the unique Highlands Consulting culture. We have a passion to help our clients succeed, an innate curiosity, a quest for learning, and an esprit de corps about client service. Our people want their clients and colleagues to excel. We’re flexible and genuine, often funny (and at times a little sarcastic), and confident but not arrogant. We strive to hire the best people that exhibit these traits. We support our consultants with training, certifications, collaboration, and we minimize administrative burdens so that we can focus on client service. We created a flat organization, which makes us both nimble and allows our consultants the freedom to use their full capabilities. While we have an exceedingly low turnover rate, we wish the best to those who move on, and we take an interest in their new pursuits.

Our culture reveals itself in many ways with our clients. We try to work ourselves out of our consulting projects by equipping clients with the knowledge and skills to continue without us. I believe our core DNA is solving business problems. On our information technology projects, we ask the business questions first. Our overall objective is that the technology must solve the business problems. During our strategy projects, we value the process as much the product. Helping executives and management to create their plan can be more valuable than the plan itself!

Since we only take on projects where we can be successful and hire consultants in the top tier of our field, we must occasionally turn down work. Since we are part of the management consulting community for the long term, these decisions ultimately help both the firm and our consultants succeed.