Author: Nikki Angle

Grateful for the Triumph Cancer Foundation

At the end of each year, Highlands Consulting staff select a charity that has personal meaning, and the firm donates on their behalf. This was especially impactful during a year when fundraising was limited due to COVID-19. I am especially grateful for a local organization…

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Manage Your Way to the Marathon Finish Line!

A few years ago, I set my sights on the California International Marathon. At that point, the longest race I’d ever done was a 5K, so getting ready in just six months seemed daunting. But I quickly realized that preparing for and running a marathon…

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Agile in Government: Myths vs. Realities

We hear about ‘Agile’ in government projects more and more frequently. It’s not a new concept, but one with many misconceptions that can derail a transition from a Waterfall to Agile environment. According to Maria Burton from Focus on Training, her teams experienced three common myths as they transitioned…

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