Celebrating 15 Years!

This month we will celebrate our 15th anniversary as a management consulting firm. The word gratitude immediately comes to mind. Thank you to our clients for the opportunity to build lasting, trusted partnerships. This is a source of great pride for us.

As we look ahead, we are also grateful for our strong foundation built on consistent values. Simply put, this means:

  • People first! Whether the project is a strategic planning exercise, process improvement, or a technology implementation, people are impacted. Understandably, people experience a lot of uncertainty when their organization goes through change. They will have many questions such as why change is happening and what will my role look like in the future? We help our clients with transition management through a structured approach to prepare for, manage, and maintain change. Empathy and respect are a cornerstone of our philosophy.
  • Keep the momentum! As a firm, we are committed to learning, collaboration, and open communication. In fact, these activities are fundamental to our client projects as well. We share what we learn about new tools, methods, and best practices across the firm and with our clients to add value to projects, as well as build our skills.

To our clients, both past and present, a heartfelt thank you.  Here’s to the next 15 years!