Engaging with the Future Work Force

Published by Jim Turko

The benefits of internships to students are well documented. They gain tangible work experience, they delve into a specific type of work to better understand it, and they hone their scholastic teachings into real-world abilities. Less often discussed are the advantages that internships offer companies that host these programs. For many growing companies, there’s a lot of work that interns can help accomplish. They bring a fresh perspective and can help think about work in an innovative way. From a cultural standpoint, internships enable a company to help shape the career of a student and identify their potential as a future employee.

This year, Highlands had the privilege of hosting two interns in our summer intern program. As mentors, it’s our job to shape each internship so that it is a meaningful experience for both Highlands and our interns. However, it’s essential to recognize the work that goes into shaping an internship program. From the decision to host a program, to sourcing and interviewing potential interns, to onboarding them into Highlands, to paying them during the internship (yes, internships are paid!), to ensuring a smooth offboarding at the end of the internship. It truly takes our Highlands community to support each intern throughout their journey. We are excited to have hosted two interns this year and are already looking forward to next year – the effort is absolutely worthwhile.