What’s Measured Gets Done

Published by Mark Graziano

 “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”
–  Lewis Carroll

In business, clear goals matter. When done well, a written strategic plan is both a path forward and a roadmap to help achieve an organization’s mission. That’s why our team dedicates one day each year to review our strategy for the year ahead. Strategic planning is one of our primary services and we apply the same approach we use for our clients to our own company.

First, we examine and challenge our mission, goals and core values to ensure they still reflect the direction we see our team heading. Then, we focus on short-term objectives for the upcoming fiscal year. These objectives provide milestones to celebrate while ensuring we stay on track. As we all know, what gets measured gets done, so we review our strategic plan quarterly to check our progress and adjust our approach where necessary.

A well-designed strategy provides the roadmap we need to better serve our clients in today’s ever-changing consulting environment.