Connecting Digitally – Together Mode in MS Teams

Published by Amanda Priest

These days it’s easy to feel disconnected, especially if you are working from home full-time. Gone are the casual hallway conversations, replaced by days filled with virtual meetings. As wonderful as it is to see other people (even digitally), virtual meeting fatigue is common.

To help combat this fatigue, Microsoft (MS) Teams recently released a beta version of “Together Mode” – a meeting layout option designed to be less taxing on our already-stressed brains (research article here). By visually placing meeting participants close together with a common neutral background, Together Mode enhances the sense of togetherness. Here are some of our Highlands team members testing it for the first time:

Since the pandemic began, Together Mode is as close as I’ve gotten to the feeling of an in-person meeting. And any meeting where bunny ears are thrown is a successful meeting in my book!