FI$Cal: Beyond Fiscal Functionality

Published by Jacob Olson

FI$Cal, or the Financial Information System for California, is far more than the state’s accounting, budgeting, and procurement system.  As a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, FI$Cal has unique capabilities that departments are beginning to realize. We’ve previously highlighted our work implementing FI$Cal functionality across a very large state department, and we continue to find ways to leverage the FI$Cal platform.

For example, copies of executed contracts (sometimes hundreds of pages) were kept in file folders and/or network folders, requiring a lot of physical and digital space. The documents became quickly outdated and amendments were not always filed with the original contract. Some considered Sharepoint for storing the contracts until everyone remembered a solution right under their nose: FI$Cal. Authorized users have access to contracts in FI$Cal. Not only does it eliminate physical and digital clutter, it streamlines business processes and reduces cost.

This is just one example of efficiencies gained when departments realize the full potential of FI$Cal. Another example is helping complete month- and year- end close (MEC/YEC) tasks which can be complicated, yet streamlined. Our goal continues to be helping our clients realize the broader benefits of FI$Cal, beyond its core functionality.