Thinking about Change Globally, Acting on Change Locally

Published by Jim Turko

I recently attended the 2019 ACMP Global Conference in Orlando with a new perspective this year. Having recently been appointed as Treasurer to the ACMP NorCal Chapter Board, my mission was twofold: to absorb the latest global thinking about change management, then to bring those thoughts and ideas back to my local chapter members and Highlands colleagues.

Some global topics that I hope to explore this year:

  • Society is moving from an industrial economy to a “connection economy.” What does change management look like in a connection economy? If we want people to recognize that relationships create value rather than assets, what will it take to support that change of thought?
  • Neuroscience continues to explore how the brain reacts to change. If the brain interprets social harm the same way that it interprets physical harm, what does that mean to our change management practices? If the learning process has a corollary unlearning process, can we take control of unlearning to drive better change?
  • The Change Intelligence (CQ) framework presents a model for engaging with leaders to drive better change. How can CQ, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Intelligence Quotient (IQ) be used to frame better holistic change? Are they mutually exclusive, or can they build on each other?

I was excited to be part of ACMP’s Global Conference, and now I’m even more excited about bringing these (and more) topics back to the local OCM community. Our first ACMP NorCal Chapter event is planned, with more to come. You can find additional details here.