Embracing Change at the PegaWorld Conference

Published by Judy Melson

Last month, Eric Norton and I attended Pega’s annual conference, PegaWorld2019, along with 5,000 professionals from across the globe. Pega is an innovative platform that has automated business processes for large and small organizations, including a growing number of State of California departments.

Highlands Consulting’s steadfast commitment has been to help our clients streamline processes and adapt to those changes. We are careful to recommend tools and products that best match our client’s unique environment. Remarkably, Pega’s approach to automating processes is focused on the people side of change. Several conference speakers reinforced the importance of people change, not just technology change. Rather than lengthy system phases, micro journeys enable continuous user review and adoption. In fact, Pega’s slogan is Build for Change®.

We are excited about helping our State clients embrace process change using the Pega platform, with our certified Pega consultants. Here are some ways to learn more:

  1. Email Eric Norton or me, Judy Melson
  2. Read our previous blog on how we implemented Pega for a State client in less than 90 days
  3. Watch PegaWorld keynote speeches
  4. Review independent analyst reports about Pega