Consultant Speak vs. the Nitty Gritty

Published by Shana Wedemeyer

For nearly 30 years, I’ve enjoyed working in the government technology industry, focused on serving the State of California. Along the way, I’ve met and worked with hundreds of amazing consultants with business and technical expertise. In recent years, I’ve become sensitive to what our clients call “consultant speak.”  Proposals are often full of fanciful words that make lofty claims, with little supporting detail or examples. And deliverables are glossy slide decks that only skim the surface.

Our clients deserve better. Change is happening faster than ever, especially in the Agile world. Business processes and job duties are in constant flux. And while the latest technical solutions can be impressive, users’ business needs are often unmet. I’m proud to work with a team of business-focused consultants who dive deep into the program policies, procedures, and system documentation to measure the magnitude of change and how a new system applies to their individual needs. Our team’s desire to work with the “nitty gritty” details helps us build trust and achieve positive outcomes for our clients.