Getting from A to B

I have always been passionate about automobiles and traveling so it seems fortuitous that a lot of our recent consulting projects in 2015 and 2016 have been on these very topics. On the strategic and business planning front we recently facilitated executives at the California DMV, California Highway Patrol, and California High Speed Rail to craft their Strategic Plans, an example of which is here.

While strategic planning focuses on the months and years ahead, we have facilitated tactical planning on two other projects. For Caltrans, we are helping with California’s road charge pilot that could one day replace the State’s gas tax. And for the California State Transportation Agency, we are coordinating with all of the California state departments that support or regulate autonomous vehicles, much of which was recently adopted by the Federal government.

Public transportation rounds all of this out. At Caltrans, we helped merge the Division of Mass Transit with the Division of (Passenger) Rail, and at the Sacramento Area Council of Governments we bolstered their project management capabilities so they can more effectively manage efforts such as streetcar planning.

For someone who has been a car geek his whole life, all of these transportation related projects have been both fulfilling and fun!