Rapid Process Improvement

Published by Will Cuper

A team of Highlands’ consultants were recently certified by PQS, Inc., to facilitate Rapid Process Improvement (RPI) events. RPI is a highly-interactive method of business process analysis that focuses on resolving problem workflows and returning rapid results that can be implemented quickly.

RPI is based on LEAN concepts that have been translated into plain-language tools and templates. While LEAN techniques for reducing workflow ‘waste’ are common in the service and manufacturing industries, they are not widely adopted among public sector agencies. Although many government agencies have metrics tied to their core business functions, many process review efforts are too lengthy or indefinite in their results to be worth the effort.

Highlands Consulting is excited to offer RPI as a service for government clients who want to analyze their processes and realize significant results in the first month. In contrast to traditional BPR methods that can take 6-12 months, the RPI approach typically lasts between 1-3 months, with the majority of effort concentrated up front to realize immediate benefit. The initial RPI event is just 5 days, seeking consensus on targeted low-cost or no-cost solutions, as facilitated by certified RPI consultants.

Consistent with the Prosci® approach to Organizational Change Management, RPI recognizes the importance of employee involvement and buy-in to embrace new processes. With consultants certified in both methods, we are excited to guide our clients through these structured – and proven – methodologies to streamline their processes and maximize productivity.