Meaningful Peer Exchange and Collaboration

Published by Mark Graziano

As a public sector consultant, I have the privilege to help design and implement projects that are shaping California’s future. One of the ways I do this is through meeting facilitation. Regardless of the discussion topic, my priority is to guide my client towards a common goal and ensure that all participants feel part of the outcome.

Recently, I had the opportunity to facilitate a peer exchange sponsored by Caltrans that focused on research collaboration among western states to address common issues – such as climate change – facing State departments of transportation. After the meeting, we collaborated with Caltrans to develop a Peer Exchange Report that will guide the research priorities of Caltrans and other DOTs.

As our clients continue to lead the way in their respective fields, I’m pleased to be part of the Highlands team committed to providing quality services and fostering relationships that will ultimately benefit all Californians.