A Rose by Any Other Name…

Published by Judy Melson

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” – William Shakespeare

It’s that time of year when I check-in on all those resolutions, transformations, and brave goals that I set to achieve in the New Year. As a Change Consultant, I have a not-so-secret weapon to get these changes to stick, called “organizational change management” or OCM. However, this term can often raise eyebrows.

I hear things like, “I don’t want change management because it seems like fluffy jargon.” Or “I don’t need OCM because I just want…”

  • To successfully adopt a change
  • To be ‘in the know’ with better communications
  • More engagement with others involved
  • Help with the naysayers
  • To figure out how to overcome {insert your roadblock here}
  • Training
  • Accountability

In my experience, each of these needs are a part of OCM. They could also intersect, overlap, and relate with other broader topics, like Organizational Development, Psychology, and Project Management. So, we come back to Juliet Capulet’s centuries-old question: “What’s in a name?” The various responses above all point the fact that we naturally need a little help with change. There needs to be a plan to achieve the goal and overcome challenges that will inevitably surface along the way. I enjoy helping my clients plan and handle change, whether we call it OCM or not!