4 Reasons Why We Develop Custom Videos for Training

Published by Abby Darrah

Video is a powerful and effective way to train staff and develop a team. Here are four reasons why:

  1. Videos are flexible
    You can customize videos for unique audiences. Different people learn and absorb information differently, and video accommodates everyone. You can make the video available to staff whenever they have the time to watch.
  2. Videos engage better
    You can make training enjoyable. Making videos engaging and interesting attracts and retains attention more than documents and lectures. How many of us have used YouTube to learn something new?
  3. Videos increase retention
    People often remember what they learned through a video more than other training materials.
  4. Videos can save money and resources
    The cost to develop videos is far less than the cost of repeated live instruction. And travel costs incurred by trainers or trainees are eliminated.

When my State clients started working remotely last year, I was part of a small team that developed customized business training videos for meeting facilitators to hone their skills.

Here’s an example of the results.

My client’s response to the videos has been very positive. In fact, we are in the process of developing additional videos for a variety of project-specific subjects. The videos will be incorporated into a reusable suite of tools to train new staff and serve as a refresher for others. Plus, making videos has me learning new skills, and it’s really fun!